"Those intent on re-creating the past are terrified of the future." -- Legs McNeil

In the end, as late as the early 1930's there were those last few die-hard believers, rick-ribbed, true to the last believers, knowing, knowing in their irrational senses that there would "always be more gold found around Bodie".

In considering the themes of "Salt/Wake", one witnesses a similar depth of "faith" that business will ALWAYS expand as a consequence of hard work and risk taking. That the magical reality of the inexhaustibly infinite solutions is there for anyone, given enough hard work, risk taking and, of course, that quirky variable, innovations. Not that any of these "solutions" run in tandem with any willful attempt to re-create the past. One look at the urban sprawl of the Watsach region and Raleigh-Duham-Cary-Chapel Hill-Carrboro one clearly sees a world still building a past of thirty-seven cents per gallon gasoline, ALWAYS somehow "knowing" that suburbia is vital to one or another "Plan Of Salvation" and that there will be cheap motor fuels to propel metal machines forever and ever. 

Much as "Bodie" and it's yellow metal. 


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