Off to the TubeLand for an encore performance. No one knew what they could do...

Oogie waits for just another day
Drags his bones
To see the Yankees play
Bones Boy talks and flickers gray
Oh, they slip away

Once a time
They nearly might have been
Bones and Oogie on a silver screen
No one knew what they could do
Except for me and you
They slip away
They slip away

Don't forget
To keep your head warm
Twinkle twinkle Uncle Floyd
Watching all the world
And war torn
How I wonder where you are
Sailing over
Coney Island
Twinkle twinkle Uncle Floyd
We were dumb
But you were fun, boy
How I wonder where you are

Oogie knew there's never ever time
Some of us will always stay behind
Down in space it's always 1982
The joke we always knew
What'sa matter with you
C'mon, let's go
Slip away

In it's temporal glimmers, it's always 1982...even then we knew, in our collective amnesia, that the joke would move...c'mon let's go...

So the tide rolls in and who will remember? Who will remember what once lived in those seaside ruins, those river towns? C'mon let's go...



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